About us

    Tory Dillard and I, Bruce Glore own Skilzgym. We are a small gym, we do not do teams just private one on one lessons. We have been in business 3 years. We are not entrepreneurs. Just a couple of coaches who enjoy youth sports. We are here to help teach young players. We specialize in different skills, Tory teaches baseball and softball batting, I specialize in Fastpitch softball pitching. We both teach strategy, performance, and sportsmanship. 

I am Bruce Glore, I am the Fast Pitch softball pitching instructor. I teach athletes  from ages 6-college. I started teaching lessons in 1997. I have worked with a lot of great kids. I teach a closed style that I learned from the late, great, Earl Galbreath, in the early 1990s.

 I like starting new young players, I start kids as young as 6 years old. No experience required. I teach through a series of pitching drills. It is a simple, physically safe style. I believe in what I teach and have witnessed the success. I teach accuracy and speed. Accuracy first, if you can't throw strikes, no one will let you pitch in a game. Mound time is a must. "No ones cares how hard you throw ball four!!" There is no defense against a walk.  

I was never a pitcher, I was a parent who was taught to be a trainer for my own pitcher. I teach parents not pitchers, I am only an instructor, you are their personal trainer. Pitching is not a natural ability, it is an earned skill. First question I ask every pitcher/student, every week is "Did you practice"? All lessons are one hour long, one on one instruction. There are a lot of really good instructors out there.   On your first visit/lesson, if you dont like what I teach there is no charge for the lesson. I teach with motivation and inspiration, kids play sports because it is fun. Sports should be fun!

Tory was local High School Player, he was All State in High School. He played 4 years of College Baseball. He has coached youth teams, and High School teams. He taught batting at Perfect Practice Athletic Center for 9 years. He has produced some great batters. He is very motivational and has a great rapport with kids of all ages. He touches on all aspects of being on the field. He is well known and very popular. He teaches from young kids, to High School, and College athletes. If you are interested in lessons, just text him.